Phenomenal performer, energetic and the most creative in his category. Talented beyond words with words.18 year old rapper Sweet kid who promises to be the biggest thing to ever Happen to not only south African rap but also the biggest and most extravagant artist to ever do music in this era.
Sweet kid is a rapper who resides from a small town called “Heidelberg,Ratanda” at young age Sweet kid has proclaimed the title of being the King of Rap in his town.
“I’ve have honestly Never heard a rapper that sounds like Sweet kid,His sound is very different from what you normally hear ”-Mashego Cresh (Unisa Radio Presenter)

Proving to be the most competitive competitor at such a young age the potential that he has regarding music and rap is unbelievably great. The only thing this young artist is striving for is legendary mode and nothing less.
Rapper Sweet kid ensures to be the future of RSA Hip Hop when given the chance here are his music page links


Born in 1995-09-30 Sweet kid’s real name Kgotso Makgale started rapping in 2009 ever since then the journey to being one of the best rappers came with hard work determination and passion for his music. His music networks all over South Africa its catchy and has the ability to make anyone dance
Sweet kid brings a new sound to Hip Hop with his unique execution on songs and his undefined verses. It is therefore important for his songs to have a strong meaning and give knowledge to the youth, with songs such as “Give up On” Which distributes a message to the youth to always remember love doesn’t depend on physical appearance.
• Through years of hard work Sweet kid Is now able to create and define good music
• Through years of hard work Sweet kid is now considered a musical genius
• Through years of hard work Sweet kid has taken his time to perfect his music before being considered one of the best
• Through years of hard work Sweet kid has manage to be a solid competitor to other upcoming artist
Blogs and where Sweet kid Trends

Without a record deal sweet kid has managed to do 3 Mixtapes Titled
• ThiMixtape (2009)
• Hunger ( 2010 )
• HungerFridayz (2012)
1 EP Titled
• The Egotist (2013)
His current project N.A.K (New Age King) is highly anticipated and is promising to be one of the best albums to come out from a South African rapper.

Sharing the stage with artist such as
• Kwesta
• Skwatta Kamp
• Kruna
Has helped prove his ability to move any given crowed at any given moment. His music video “it’s going down”(http://t.co/kozefCprUm) which was shot and directed by Mandiva (Zimbabwean Video Director) back in 2010
“Sweet kid is our newest Hip-Hop sensation and he might just put our small town on the map”-Haraut Newspaper (Local Sedibeng Newspaper available in Nigel/Heidelberg)
With Over 60 songs as an individual artist progression was inevitable to his career. All of his achievements were done as an independent artist, with the mission being penetrating the music industry in every way possible those who listen to this artist on a regular basis would beg to differ if you were to deny his ability of providing quality music regardless of what genre.
“Let Me Take you off the lil Wayne’s and the Rick Ross’s, Get you with cold stunners the Steve Austin’s”-Sweet kid (Meaning he wants south Africans to not only depend on international artist such as Lil Wayne And Rick Ross for good quality music, His country can depend on him for extremely good music)
King at heart and a heavy opponent, this specific talent is rare to those who are musically gifted and it would be a shame to be ignorant to such pure and legit artist.
Sweet kid was a finalist in the Hype Magazine’s new comers delight competition whereby he lost by 20 votes. There is a High demand of sweet kid performing at certain events from fans but unfortunately promoters aren’t convinced through word of mouth and believe that airplay is a way of knowing if an artist is the biggest thing out.
With so much to offer musically Sweet kid does not intend on stopping for any reason. As an artist my one priority is how happy people become when they play my music nothing brings me more joy than when the music I deliver as an artist is appreciated by all sorts of people and different races.
Sweet kid is part of the D.O.A Campaign which aims to enrich people with better music and good quality music

Contact at: 0780889260
Or email at
• sweetkidbookings@yahoo.co.za
• ksweetkid@gmail.com
Social Networking
• @iam_sweetkid (Twitter)
• Kgotso iam sweetkid Makgale (Facebook)

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